LABEL "DOMINION OF SIN" (2011 - 2019)

Activity of underground label Dominion of SiN was directed on distribution of releases symphonic black metal project - Astarium. This was attempt to collect in one distro and give possibility to buy maximal number of releases with minimal prices. Releases of label are DIY CDs in DVD-boxes, as special bonus were added tape covers (for fans of old-school, who can make ready tape by itself). Now label is discontinued, all editions were destroyed.


{DSc-16 / DSt-16}  Astarium "Reverie" (Demo)  (details)

{DSc-15 / DSt-15}  Astarium "Chthonian Miasma" (Single)  (details)

{DSc-14 / DSt-14}  Astarium "Heritage Of Warlords" (Demo)  (details)

{DSc-13 / DSt-13}  Gmork / Astarium / In Tenebriz "Misterious Winds From Ancient Past" (Split)  (details)

{DSc-12 / DSt-12}  Astarium "From The Cleaved Old Coffins" (Single)  (details)

{DSc-11 / DSt-11}  Astarium "Wyrm Of Melancholy" (Full-length)  (details)

{DSc-10 / DSt-10}  Astarium "Dethroned Of Impostor" (Full-length)  (details)

{DSc-09 / DSt-09}  Astarium / Status "Siberian Bloodlust" (Split)  (details)

{DSc-08 / DSt-08}  Astarium "Winter Growths (Part I)" (Demo)  (details)

{DSc-07 / DSt-07}  Astarium "Ostracism Of Anachoret" (EP)  (details)

{DSc-06 / DSt-06}  Astarium "Permafrost" (Single)  (details)

{DSc-05 / DSt-05}  Astarium "Invasion To Forbidden" (EP)  (details)

{DSc-04 / DSt-04}  Astarium / Spasm Of Charity "Tribute - The Heart Of A Dog" (Split)  (details)

{DSc-03 / DSt-03}  Astarium "On The Edge Of Chasm" (Full-length)  (details)

{DSc-02 / DSt-02}  uRAn 0 / Astarium "Katuar" (Split)  (details)

{DSc-01 / DSt-01}  Astarium "Monolith Of Abysses" (Demo)  (details)