Some recent news:

  •     The newest release, Astarium "Growths of the Past", has been released by the Swollen Gargantuan Fecal Fetus Records - label from Pennsylvania! The material consists of 12 unnamed ambient tracks recorded last December during a home rehearsal session. This is a kind of minimalistic retrospective on the material recorded by the project over the past 9 years and requiring rethinking. The edition is strictly limited, CDr with color cover and jewel-box.

  •     Official bandcamp page of project is updated. Full discography is available for download!!!

  •     Section "Press" is updated: were added review from Metal Na Lata and video-interview Antichrist Magazine;


    The 7th full-length Astarium's album "Fragments Of Nightmares" is now available in 7'' format by label NitroAtmosfericum Records. Material was remastered. Vintage lo-fi sound gives this edition special aesthetic. 45 rpm. Along with the record are A4-insert with lyrics, card with information about the recording and link on digital version of the album. 7'' edition is strictly limited.


    News for the last few months:

  •     "Press" section was updated: added interview to Viceral Vomit Zive, reviews from Domini Inferi, Hard Music Base, La Noire Bestia and Pest Web-zine;

  •     due to the closure of the Dominion Of SiN label, official bandcamp page was updated. At the moment, first "classic" releases of Astarium are posted: "Monolith Of Abysses", "On The Edge Of Chasm", "Winter Growths (Part I)", rare material from the split with Status "Siberian Bloodlust". Not so long ago, 7th album "Fragments Of Nightmares" was added for download;

  •     now all releases available on bandcamp can be downloaded in bulk at discount!


    Project has released T-shirt "Nekrocosmo Trilogy"! Print on both sides, sizes - S / M / L / XL / XXL, limited edition. For orders and questions:


    Great news! 2 cassette releases were out on label Brotherhood Of Light:

    - new full-length album Astarium "Hyperborea";

    - reissue of EP "Epoch Of Tyrants" with updated track-list.


    The seventh full-length album of Astarium, called "Fragments Of Nightmares", is out now on label NitroAtmosfericum. Stylistically, as always, the material is made in the genre of old school symphonic black metal, but this time its concept is based on refraction through the grindcore prism. Yes, to say that this album is strange, to say nothing ...

    These are 12 fragments of bad dreams, torn out from the cortex of inflamed consciousness. Close your eyes. Strange, distant, amorphous outlines of other worlds instantly turn out to be near. The rumble grows, mysterious melodies from the beyond spheres bring up like nausea and subdue the mind. There is no strength to escape from this viscous madness and wake up. Suddenly, there is silence ... everything stopped ... It seemed that eternity flew by before eyes, but in fact not more than a minute passed - it was just one track, one of 12. Demonic mosaic of 12 fragments is waiting for you!

    The album was released in formats of professional CD and 3.5 '' floppy. The first 50 buyers will receive pocket calendar "Fragments Of Nightmares" for 2019 as a bonus!


    Own label of the project - Dominion Of SiN (section "Label") made re-issues of 4 old stuffs! So meet:

    - Gmork / Astarium / In Tenebriz "Misterious Winds From Ancient Past" (Split);

    - Astarium "Heritage Of Warlords" (Demo);

    - Astarium "Chthonian Miasma" (Single);

    - Astarium "Reverie" (Demo).

    Releases of label are DIY CDs in DVD-boxes, as special bonus were added tape covers (for fans of old-school, who can make ready tape by itself). Also materials are available in digital-formats on official Bandcamp. Donations are welcome!


    "Forget about the mechanisms, there is completely different geometry in the machines now. Can't you see it in the sky when you look up, squint and focus on the chakra? Dark tentacles in the sky are as dark as..."

    And so, meet! The newest single Astarium "Mesmerizing Tentacles"!

    Material is presented by special psychotropic versions of the tracks from upcoming Astarium's releases in 2019. Songs are combined, already favorite for Astarium, Lovecraft theme in the lyrics. Music is made in the spirit of raw powerful atmospheric black metal with symphonic elements.

    Single was released in two versions: on disks and on 3.5'' diskettes (including link to the material in quality). On the acquisition issues - or in personal message in social networks.

    "I was lucky ... I will see the sky, when the stars begin to flicker, I will see how the seas start to boil and the Elder Gods will crush us all."



    1. New reviews were added in section "Press";

    2. Photo of "Nekrocosmo: Anabiosis" tape issue was added in section "Discography";

    3. Official pages were updated in section "Links";

    4. IG accout were added in section "Links".


    Tape version of the Astarium's electronic demo-album "Nekrocosmo: Anabiosis" was out without a fuss in early September by label Moonworshipper Records from Nebraska.


    Latest news for the past few months:

    1. Novosibirsk are attacking! At the end of July label Marbre Negre released the work of two projects from Novosibirsk, called "Radiation Of Happiness". This is collaboration between Astarium and Spasm Of Charity! Format of issue is CD in digifile with factory quality.

    2. A lot of new reviews have been uploaded to the site.

    3. In May the label Grotesque Sounds Productions released CD-compilation "Root Of Ultimate Evil: A Tribute To Sabbat"! Astarium took part in it with exclusive track "Devil Worship".


    News for the past few months:

    1. New demo-album Astarium were out on label Wolfmond Production in the middle of April! CD included 8 tracks in neo-classic ambient / sci-fi genres and became the final part of Nekrocosmo trilogy. And so, meet - "Nekrocosmo: Anabiosis"!

    2. A lot of new reviews have been uploaded to the site.

    3. Tapes: Split Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata "Gnosis Of Death", Astarium "Drum-Ghoul", Split Antiquus Scriptum / Astarium "... And The Forests Are Dark, Where They Gather... The Guardians Of Time... " were out in early April on label NitroAtmosfericum Records!!!


    NitroAtmosfericum Records present split “Odalism” from legendary Siberian projects – Astarium and Uvodna. Our joint creation is a tribute to the past days of the underground, devoid of gloss and deceitful medievalism, inherent in modernity. It is memory of sincerity and an inspirational melody that generated from the bowels of black metal the dark and enchanting landscapes of underground electronics. It is the legacy of the old Europe, rallied by the impulses of youth, it is memory that has become heritage inscribed on the birch bark.

    The material is released in two formats:

- 7'' clear vinyl comes with b/w package + poster А4 + stickers with logos + link on release in quality.

- 3.5'' floppy comes with b/w package + stickers with logos + link on release in quality.


    New track of Astarium was included in net-compilation "Of Day And Night, Of Life And Death" from label Xernex.


    Update of reviews on last releases of project in the "Press" section.


    Big update of reviews in the "Press" section. Also details of last 2 releases are added in "Discography" section.


    Split Antiquus Scriptum / Astarium "... And The Forests Are Dark, Where They Gather... The Guardians Of Time..." released by German label Wolfmond Production in June 2017 on disks!

    Antiquus Scriptum plays driving and majestic Symphonic Black Metal with quite memorable melodies. Astarium makes brutal experiments with electronics which are wedging in frames of Symphonic Black Metal and Ambient.


    Co-release between Symbol Of Domination and More Hate Productions: new album "Drum-Ghoul" of Russian symphonic black metal/ambient band Astarium ‎is out now!!!

    Lightning lit up the sky, covered with low clouds, the rain did not cease for a minute. I drove the horses drowning in the mud to the hill that was visible in the distance. Suddenly, a new bright flash lit up the bulk, which grew right in front of me from the darkness. It was the castle "Drum-Ghoul"! The gray, dilapidated walls and ivy towers spoke of their age. On all lay the seal of despondency and desolation. The locals were afraid to approach the castle to the horror and avoided it. However, I abandoned all prejudices and, trying to escape the anger of the elements, I already knocked at the gate. Suddenly the doors opened. Then I did not even suspect that I was entering the gates of hell...

    So, meet a new armor-piercing cartridge in the cage of Astarium - an album called "Drum-Ghoul"! This is a grim, chilling story told in 4 tracks of old school symphonic black metal. A strong influence on the musical component was rendered by Burzum's cult album "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", which made the music very atmospheric - the Astarium did not sound like that! If you are wondering what is waiting for a lonely traveler to the monastery of original evil, then the Astarium "Drum-Ghoul" must be in your player!!!


    Сollaboration in ritual dark ambient genre between Astarium and Spasm Of Charity is released by label Temple Of Chaos Production in form of 2 audio-cassettes!!!


    The second press of 5'' vinyl single "Chthonian Miasma" is out now by NitroAtmosfericum Records! Package of plate comes with new design - everything is very effective and esthetic!


    New reviews and recent interview to the Czech metal portal R.U.M. Zine have been added in section "Press"! Some new photos were added in section "Gallery".


    News of last 3 monthes! Demo CD "Reverie" was out on ContraOmnes Records in the end of December 2016! Section "Press" is updated - were added many reviews of last releases of project!


    New black metal Split Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata "Gnosis Of Death" is out as joint release of labels NitroAtmosfericum Records & Narcoleptica Prod. on CD!!!


    Great news!!! Absolutely new Astarium's EP "Epoch Of Tyrants" is out now on CD by label More Hate Productions!


    Astarium participate in net-compilations "Antichrist Magazine Portal (Digital Compilation #1)" and "Black Metal Narcoleptica (Vol. 8)" with absolutely new material! Some new reviews were added in section "Press".


    News of the last month! 2 demo tapes ("In The Nebulous Sky" and "Reverie") were out on label Craneal Fracture Records! Split album with Antiquus Scriptum were out on tape by Werewolf Promotion!


    Ambient split Astarium / Antiquus Scriptum "Hymns To The Ancient Northland" is out now by NitroAtmosfericum Records on discs! New information, some reviews and interview were added on site.


    New demo-album "In The Nebulous Sky" in dark ambient style is out now by label Frozen Light as disc in digipak! Some new reviews were added in section "Press".


    Astarium "Nekrocosmo: Demiurge" is out now by black metal label Shunned House in tape format! Added many new info in sections "Label", "Discography", "Compilations", "Press", "Links"!


    New design of site!


    The site is started to work.